The World Wide only BECHTOLD-Technik

The facts and figures behind BECHTOLD’ globally unique technology speak for themselves. BECHTOLD products are manufactured in Germany using the finest-quality components, with meticulous attention paid to the features that make them so special: the stainless steel cookplate with Shallow Dip technology and the ultra-rapid BECHTOLD burner system with high thermal stability, available in a range of sizes (for tabletops, cooktops and mobile grills). BECHTOLD products are designed as built-in teppanyaki-style grills, practical tabletop models and complete BECHTOLD cooking and dining tables. The central cooking area heats up while the outer (dining) area always remains cool – even on tables made entirely from stainless steel! All products feature the same brilliant idea that amazes all who see it: when heated by the underlying burner, the cooking area curves downward to form a concave dip as if by magic, enabling food to be fried or grilled and then finished with an appropriate sauce (e.g. savoury gravy for meat, Thai curry, or sauce for fish).

As long, convivial evenings pass in chatting, laughing and contemplation, the table can be switched on again to quickly cook second helpings or a hot dessert. No need for the cook to abandon the guests! Situations like these elevate this form of dining culture to a delectable philosophy. But back to the technology: when the heating element is switched off, the table or grill top magically reverts to its former completely flat state for quick, easy cleaning. This function is utterly reliable throughout decades of use.

Cooking Systems, Cooktops, Teppanyaki and Extractor for Restaurants

BECHTOLD cooking tables and built-in teppanyaki-style grills have been part of many restaurants for years, daily proving their value and reliability in the hustle and bustle of professional catering. Kitchen equipment that is designed for home use is all too often unsuitable for restaurants; it usually lacks the strict adherence to high technical standards, the durability that is essential for continuous long-term use, and the clarity and perfection of design for easy operation which are vital aspects of the professional’s kit. Prosaic demands, perhaps – but fundamental to a product’s success. BECHTOLD cooking products fulfil them all. Restaurant owners have told us that by using a three-burner BECHTOLD system – free from the clutter of pots and pans, and easy to clean in an instant to start on the next dish – they can save the need for an extra chef. Large-format BECHTOLD systems with high-powered burners – which can be manufactured in any custom design! – can also be used in small kitchens with the minimum crew, as a virtuoso method of creating a wide range of dishes. They are complemented by special BECHTOLD restaurant trolleys combining BECHTOLD cooktop with built-in refrigerator unit, opening up a myriad possibilities in catering. Custom design requests are welcome; we are always happy to advise!